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Why Fertinagro?

Today's in this fast moving economy, everyone need and expect more from their suppliers in terms of product variety, quality, quantity and its availability. Hence Fertinagro with its best endeavours have associated itself with world's top most manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in the stream of Fertilizers, Agro Chemicals, Chemicals and Minerals from 17 reputed countries of world.  We believe in the best and with this notion we import and supply only highest quality products to our valuable clients and consumers. After sales support have always been a major winning part which Fertinagro have been giving priority. All these factors have made us the first choice of all our buyers.

Our Vision 

Fertinagro has great vision to become most reputed , leading and reliable suppliers in country. We as a group, have always thought to be the number one in all spheres on business.

Our Mission 

Fertinagro has a strong mission to innovate and grow, to pursue excellent management, and to provide first-class services and products; to deliver the highest value for our shareholders, customers and employees; to promote the sustainable development of our society.


Fertinagro works keeping the values of society as a whole. We are committed to give best opportunities to budding young Indians the power to shape their destiny. We sincerely value every employee of our organisation and work effortlessly to develop their lives which in turns is the ultimate development of the company.

Growth Strategy

Fertinagro deals in only the top class imported products and supply with confidence to its distributors, dealers and consumers. In order to facilitate the fast deliveries of our products, we import and supply from all the three major sea ports of India i.e Nhava Sheva, Mundra and Chennai. From Mundra we cover the markets of north India, from Nhava sheva we cover the whole central part and from Chennai we cover the complete South Indian markets. We have large number of customers in almost all the Indian states and we are utterly committed to supply them round the year with full of our capacities.

Business Competitiveness 

We manage inventory to meet customer demands on short notice. Our role in the supply chain enables us to obtain access to our products in times of short supply, and our global procurement network permits us to stock products locally, enhancing just-in-time delivery and providing outsourced inventory management.

Quality Policies 

We employed chemists, food technologists and chemical engineers to help our customers select and formulate chemicals to meet specific performance needs. Fertinagro has specialized laboratories dedicated to fertilizers, petrochemicals, industrial chemicals, personal care, paints and coatings, industrial cleaning, household and energy to serve all of our customers' needs. By maintaining a standard operating procedures, Fertinagro is utterly committed to deliver highest quality products to its valuable clients.

Management & Ownership 

  • Chairman & Managing Director : Mr. Lalit Kumar Periwal
  • Managing Director : Mr. Suhas Dhabhekar
  • Vice President : Dr. Anil Upaydhay
  • Founder & COO : Mrs. Tina Periwal

Product Range 

Water Soluble Fertilizers

Plant Growth Promoters

Chelated Micronutrients

Industrial Chemicals

Mono Ammonium Phosphate - NPK-12:61:00

Potassium Humate Shiny Flakes

Chelated Zinc - ZN-12% (EDTA)

Soda Ash Light

Mono Potassium Phosphate - NPK-00:52:34

Potassium Humate Crystal

Chelated Ferrous - Fe-12% (EDTA)

Soda Ash Dense

Potassium Nitrate- NPK- 13:00:45

Potassium Humate Soluble Powder

Chelated Calcium - C10% (EDTA)

Urea Technical Grade

Potassium Sulphate - NPK-00:00:50

Humic Acid Powder

Chelated Copper - Cu12% (EDTA)

DOT - B-20%

Calcium Nitrate Granular

Humic Amino Shiny Balls

Mix Micronutrients

Ammonium Sulphate - Capro.

Boronated Calcium Nitrate

Humic Acid Granules

EDTA Acid Powder

Potassium Schoenite - NPK- 00:00:23

Sea Weed Extract Powder

EDTA- 2 Na

NPK - 15:15:15

Sea Weed Extract Flakes

NPK - 16:16:16

Amino Acid Powder - 50%

NPK - 17:17:17

Amino Acid Powder - 80%

NPK - 18:18:18

Fulvic Acid Powder - 50%

NPK - 19:19:19

Fulvic Acid Powder - 80%

NPK - 20:20:20

Humic Soluble Granules

NPK - 12:32:16

NPK - 20:10:10

NPK - 00:60:20

NPK - 28:28:00

NPK- 15:15:30

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